• Palliative/Hospice Doctor is a part of your medical team.  You can also choose to include your regular doctor or nurse practitioner on your medical team, as the attending medical professional who supervises your care.

  • Primary Physician, together with our Hospice Doctor, we will develop a plan of care to meet your individual needs, ensuring your physician remains an integral part of the palliative or hospice team.

  •  Skilled Nurses, who are trained specifically to deal with pain and symptom management, available 24 hours a day.

  •  Medical Social Workers offer counseling, support and as a resource for community services.

  •  Certified Hospice Aides, our compassionate staff can provide extra support for routine personal care, such as dressing, bathing and eating.

  •  Spiritual Counselors like chaplains, pastors, or priests can provide spiritual care and guidance for the entire family.

  •  Bereavement Counselors offer support and guidance, before and up to one year after the passing of a loved one in hospice.

  •  Volunteers are trained hospice volunteers that can offer a variety of services depending on your needs like providing company or respite care.​

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